Rico Cortes with Wisdom in Torah

Rico Cortes will challenge you to keep the Commandments that Yeshua/Jesus kept. He specializes in uncovering spiritual truths hidden within the Holy Temple and the services that took place there. His knowledge of the Tabernacle, Holy Temple, priests and procedures combine to bring an incredible prophetic message to us today regarding how we are to reverently approach and be true servants of our Creator YHVH!

Rico was born in Puerto Rico and raised in California.  In 1998, Rico’s life took a turn that led him right to the Savior, Yeshua (Jesus).

He returned to the Covenant of the Forefathers the Torah and his hunger to study the Word of God became unquenchable. His studies quickly uncovered the truth that the Law had not been done away with, as he had been taught all his life. In fact, he found that the Torah the 1st five books of the Bible (from Genesis to Deuteronomy) is actually YHVHs instructions and teachings on how to live, and rather than putting us into bondage, keeping Torah actually frees us from legalism and the dogmas of man.

This discovery was the launching pad of Wisdom in Torah Ministries. Rico’s vision is to see all who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob return to the Torah and to be a set apart people who serve our Creator as He has instructed. He travels around the globe sharing the hidden truths that he has uncovered, encouraging believers in the Messiah to keep the Commandments that Yeshua (Jesus) kept.